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Avulsion injuries often heal themselves with sufficient amounts of rest and ice, it may be easy to assume that they are not that serious. While it is true that an avulsion injury often does not need surgery, they are still very serious injuries in the eyes of the law. Even a “little” chip fracture is legally significant, and can result in settlements for the injured party.

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Why an Avulsion Injury is Significant

Avulsion Injury Attorney

An avulsion injury can occur from something as simple as slipping and falling or something more serious like a motor vehicle accident. Because avulsion fractures can be so small, they can often be misdiagnosed or missed completely. If this happens, the avulsion injury may not receive proper treatment, which can seriously impact recovery and possibly result in long-term complications.

It is also worth noting that children are particularly susceptible to avulsion injuries involving tendons and ligaments attached to the growth plate. Therefore, it is especially important to immediately seek medical treatment if you believe that an avulsion injury has occurred in an adolescent or young child.

Why You Should Speak to an Avulsion Injury Attorney

As mentioned above, even small avulsion injuries are legally significant, especially if they are the result of negligence from another party or an establishment that you are visiting. Not only are you owed reimbursement for your medical bills, but potentially also lost wages, and/or future medical bills that you may incur due to the avulsion fracture.

Insurance companies frequently try to downplay the significance of your injury in order to reduce liability, your best option is to contact an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in handling avulsion fracture personal injury claims.

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