What Is an Avulsion Fracture?

What Is an Avulsion Fracture

A doctor may have just told you that you have suffered from an avulsion fracture; given a quick jargon-filled explanation, then left the room. You are now asking yourself, “What is an avulsion fracture?”

Simply put, an avulsion fracture is when a chunk of bone is pulled away from the rest of the bone by a ligament or tendon. Avulsion fractures are very painful.

Although an avulsion fracture can occur anywhere on the body, there are 5 more common areas of the body that this injury may happen – most of these occur in joints. The 5 common fractures include ankle avulsion fractures, foot avulsion fractures, finger avulsion fractures, hip avulsion fractures and knee avulsion fractures.

An avulsion fracture is a bone fracture or bone chip that occurs often as the result of a fall or trauma. The bone fragment or bone chip breaking from the main bone is the result of a muscle spasm that causes a ligament or tendon to tear that fragment or bone away.

What are Avulsion Fracture Treatment Options?

What Is an Avulsion Fracture | Facts & Information

Always seek medical attention if you suspect you have a bone fracture. When visiting your doctor, make sure to do research beforehand so you know what questions to ask, such as “What is an avulsion fracture?”, and how to correctly describe your pain and your injury. Whenever possible, insist on having an MRI rather than an X-ray. Avulsion fractures are often difficult to properly diagnose with only an X-ray. During your visit, get all of the information and answers that you can to heal correctly. There may be a general physical examination or a radiologist may request to take x-rays.

Treatment may include anything from ice and rest, to immobilization with a cast, or in a more severe case the doctor may want to perform surgery.  Often the lack or presence of pain or swelling is not enough to determine the severity of the bone chip, which is why it is important to seek a medical professional immediately after the trauma happens to keep from exacerbating the injury. Initially, swelling of the affected area may hide the fracture from an X-ray.  If pain or swelling does not diminish, it is important to follow up with your doctor.

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Now that you know the answer to “What is an avulsion fracture?” – if you had an avulsion fracture in the past 3 years, , you may want to seek legal counsel as well.

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